The MAD Strategy - How to Book Profit?

Let’s assume you trade in 10 lots and Buy is recommended @ Rs. 80. 

Lower Exit Limit : 32

Target 1 : 150

Target 2 : 225

  • When Price reaches Rs. 150 that is 1st target, Book 70% quantity OR 7 Lots 
  • And Raise the SL for Rest 30% quantity OR 3 Lots at Buying Price that is Rs.80
  • If market goes in wrong direction then we will exit these 3 lots at Cost to Cost. So we will not suffer any more losses for these quantities and will be in profit for 70% quantity i.e 7 Lots.
  • And If Market goes in our favourable direction, One can exit these 3 lots OR 30% Quantity at 2nd Target or can trail for further targets. One can trail like : If trade goes above 225, place SL at 150 and it goes up more then change SL to 225 and so on to book maximum and handsome profit in overall trade.