Welcome Onboard Again Friend !

Thanks for your valuable long term relationship with us!

We knew that you would be eager to know about us. You have been in long relationship with us. We are pleased to be with you for such long time. Meantime We have developed two renowned strategies in BankNifty Option Buying named as The MAD Strategy and DBOB Strategy. Minimum Investment is 25k per lot in former and 30k per lot in later strategy.

With Your Support and Love We have also developed Intraday Option Writing Strategy for low risk Traders.

Accuracy of above strategies is as follows-

  1. The MAD Strategy -> 80-82%
  2. DBOB Strategy -> 70-75%
  3. Intraday Option Writing -> 80-85%.

Approximate Returns of above strategies over 3 months time frame is –

  1. The MAD Strategy -> 10-15k
  2. DBOB Strategy -> 40-50k in single lot.
  3. Intraday Option Writing -> 70-80k in single lot.

Initial Investment in above strategies is –

  1. The MAD Strategy -> 25k
  2. DBOB Strategy -> 30k in single lot.
  3. Intraday Option Writing -> 1 Lac for single lot.

Dear Friends, Our Regular Prices for New Members are increased by almost 100% since we started, But Today we are offering you our most profitable and successful strategies with a special discount at starting charges only.

Kindly note that the past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance, it may vary as per market situation . We also code that the past performance does not guarantee any future performance.