Russia Closed China border as Coronavirus alarm

Seeing hazardous impact of china’s coronavirus, Google and Sweden’s IKEA have closed China operations. South Korea’s Samsung Electronics also extended holiday closure for some Chinese production facilities. 
Now Russian government has ordered the closure of far east china border for safety of their citizens. It is said that no cases of coronavirus or respiratory illness are confirmed in Russia till date but, Moscow Task Force is ready to handle any possibility of its spread.  Russians currently in china are  advised to contact embassy as soon as possible and Russians are told to defer any travel to China region.
The Russian foreign ministry said that as of Thursday they would stop issuing e-visas, which were used to cross into parts of the Far East regions and western Russia, to Chinese citizens.

Till date about 170 people had died and nearly 8,000 cases had been confirmed worldwide.

The first case of person-to-person transmission of coronavirus was confirmed in the US on Jan 30, 2020 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The new patient is 60-year-old based in Chicago who was diagnosed after returning last month from Wuhan. American health officials analyzed that spread was “among two people who were in close contact for long time”.

The symptoms of most coronaviruses are similar to any other upper respiratory infection, including runny nose, coughing, sore throat, and sometimes a fever.
There is no cure, in the same way that there is no cure for the common cold.

India has reported its first case of the coronavirus in Kerala. The patient, a student of the Wuhan University, is stable and in isolation at a hospital, a per the statement of Indian Health Ministry.