Searching “Bhikhari”, getting images of Imran Khan, Pakistan PM, on google

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When you search the word ‘Bhikhari’ on Google search engine, results shows images of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. Pakistan PM looked holding a bowl in his hand in the images. He is trolled on social media hugely on reactions against removal of article 370 in J&K, India.

Bhikhari‘ keyword and Imran Khan photos can be linked to Pakistan’s economy, as they have been looking for funds to boost the market and recently US has cut their funds by 3100 Cr.

Pakistan recently suspended bilateral trade with India in response to the revocation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan’s embargo on trade with India comes at a time when Pakistan’s economy is on life support from China, Saudi Arabia and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Few days earlier, an onion seller from Pakistan on Twitter said, “Just 3-4 days are left for Eid and the market looks so dull. We depend on India for vegetables and onion, which is so essential for cooking food on Eid. I am sure, the price of onion will increase further. What does Imran Khan want us to eat? Grass?”

Pakistan’s forex reserves stand at just $7.76 billion, which are lower than Bangladesh’s forex reserves which worth $32 billion. Pakistan’s GDP forecast has also been downgraded to merely 4 per cent. The country’s inflation stood at 9 per cent in June 2019.